Monkeying around in Hong Kong

On Tuesday, I went on my first trip with a good friend. We decided to spend two days in Hong Kong. When you want to escape the city madness of Shenzhen, Hong Kong is the place to go. The uninformed think the former British colony has only skyscrapers and crowds, but a closer look reveals 40% of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) is dedicated to natural preservation and parks.

After a bus from Shenzhen Bay to Kowloon, the first thing we did was take the Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbour to a bus that winded up to the top of Victoria Peak. We went on a walk to get away from the tourists, which is easy to do. Being in the middle of a crowded city, it’s hard to believe you can walk in solitude! We had dinner at Firegrill, which offered us an amazing night-time view of the skyline.

The next day we wanted to see monkeys so we hiked Stage 6 of the MacLehose Trail, which connects Shing Mun Reservoir with Kowloon Reservoir in Kowloon. As long as you’re quiet and not eating food, the monkeys are pleasant company. Just don’t feed the wild monkeys!

The relaxing trip was a bonding experience for both of us. Perhaps in the future, we’ll play with Pandas!