Before and after a typhoon

I had two goals for the National Day holiday: to hike and relax. I accomplished both goals. I spent most of my time relaxing at home and cafés, but I did get an incredible Thai massage at a spa in Luohu. The highlight (and worst part) of my holiday happened in Hong Kong. I went there last weekend with Ranen to camp. Before we hiked to Tai Long Wan (a beautiful, isolated beach), I wanted to hike to the top of Sharp Peak. It was getting late and it would rain soon, but we pushed on. We were almost at the top when it started to rain. Then it rained hard! We ran for cover under a small tree and waited for the rain to stop. We didn’t have umbrellas. It was too dangerous to climb down in the rain. Ranen was scared and complained.

“I’m all wet. My phone’s going to die. I’m going to die.”

It was funny, but it wasn’t fun being wet. After 20 minutes, the rain stopped and we slowly climbed down the wet mountain. The wind was strong so our clothes quickly dried. We were in good spirits when we camped on the beach in my tent. The next morning we watched a beautiful sunrise and hiked back to Sai Kung. It’s a good thing we came back because a typhoon later brought heavy rain!